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Fun Family riding adventures begin with OOK-TEK!

Our Story

For our founder, Jason, it all started with a simple dream. A world in which every family could own an affordable, efficient, and lightweight E-vehicle that would change the way people view mobility and vastly improve their lives.

This dream inspired him to make a significant contribution to improving the future of travel by implementing new technologies that promote innovation and accessibility while making mobility fun and exciting.

This passion of his saw him through unrelenting processes of research, development, and testing. OOK-TEK was established in 2014. Disappointments and errors were a common occurrence in the early days of his company but his team persevered.

Despite the overwhelming barriers and challenges, his commitment to achieving his objectives never wavered. He knew that in order for him to meet his goals, product development needed to be at the top of his company’s priority.

2015, by increasing R&D investments and perfecting the fundamental technologies of motors, controllers, and batteries, the team was able to improve OOK-TEK product portfolio, thus meeting and exceeding his customer’s expectations.

True enough, success doesn’t come overnight, just like Rome wasn’t built in a single day. Jason did not give up; rather, he pushed through, achieving what he dreamt of from the start.

Today, OOK-TEK electric bikes and electric scooters are now among the best in the world but the pursuit of excellence and innovation remains in focus.

Because to Jason, OOK-TEK is just getting started.

Our Mission

At OOK-TEK,we believe that cutting-edge engineering can’t just sound good on paper-it must also perform exceptionally well on the ground. Our team of engineers takes a hands-on approach to ensure every family has the option to own durable and eco-friendly OOK-TEK products at a price they can afford. This is made possible due to our access to reasonably priced and high-quality materials, enabling us to pass on those savings to our valued customers.

Our Core Values

Excellence is Non-Negotiable
At OOK-TEK, we take innovation seriously. Since we began operation in 2014, our company has consistently sought creative and innovative ways to design and create a top-notch selection of bikes, scooters other lightweight ride-on devices.

Our commitment to excellence is driven by our relentless pursuit of continuous technological advancement and innovation to produce the highest quality products and provide impeccable service to our valued customers.

We believe that premium quality products should not be exorbitantly priced. We are passionate about providing every family the option to own durable, lightweight electric vehicles at a fair price.

OOK-TEK Promotes Sustainable Living
We are duty-bound to make life better one family at a time.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle can help mitigate the detrimental effects of environmental pollutants. Our company is passionate about non-toxic living. We promote products that emit zero gas emissions to help our planet recover from toxic smog and other chemical pollutants emanating from petrol-powered vehicles.

In keeping with this vision, our team at OOK-TEK is dedicated to improving the lives of every family by continuously developing products that are not only durable and reliable but also eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

We don’t simply sell lightweight electric vehicles, we help safeguard the health of our planet.

Founder’s saying
“I find it very fulfilling to work in an industry that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. I think we all know that having a sense of purpose boosts our capacity to make the most significant impact on the lives of people we’re serving. Having a sense of purpose or clear objectives will keep us motivated to strive forward and keep going when things get tough, steering our actions in the right direction to ensure our success.

Having started OOK-TEK in 2014, my team and I have always strived to design and create products that provide value and cater to the needs of every family member. The family is at the core of everything we do. I genuinely believe that if we want to positively impact the world, we need to start with the family.

The design efforts we undertake are aimed at enriching and enhancing family life. We strive to help them reduce travel costs, protect their health with eco-friendly products, and strengthen the bonds between family members with devices that encourage meaningful and enjoyable bonding experiences.

Apart from our aspiration to build a strong brand with a solid reputation, our goals for every family are the driving force behind our relentless commitment to excellence, quality, and service. Our quest for innovation reflects that commitment. We always seek out new technologies and creative solutions to offer every family the exceptional products and services they truly deserve and at a price they can afford.”

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Fun Family riding adventures begin with OOK-TEK

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